Dallon Asnes, Director

Dallon developed the CFH 2018 project from the ground up, recruiting our 2018 team and planning CFH engagements with numerous local and international partners. His work with the organization earned him a Napier Award for Creative Leadership in 2018. Dallon is from Daytona Beach, Florida and, in addition to Madagascar, has also lived in Los Angeles, the Dominican Republic, India and Pakistan. He earned a bachelor's degree in Physics from Pomona College in 2018. In his free time, Dallon likes to read, learn languages and make things with his Raspberry Pi.



Casey Evans, CFH Fellow

Casey started working with Code for Humanity in 2018 after hearing about the program from MIT’s International Science and Technology Initiatives Africa (MISTI Africa). She is currently working towards a dual master’s degree in Technology Policy and Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy in 2017. Her undergraduate minors were in French and Mandarin Chinese. She specializes in optical neuroimaging devices at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory and is scheduled to attend pilot training with the United States Air Force in 2019. In the meantime, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about Nosy Be while also spreading her love for electronics. One fun fact is that she bears a strange resemblance to Olympic Athlete from Russia, Mikhail Kolyada.


Georgia Phillips, CFH Fellow

Georgia Phillips is a junior at MIT majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science originally from Denver, Colorado. In the past, she has worked with groups on campus related to sustainable energy and on MIT’s career fair committee to promote career exploration for students. She has also participated in the Cancer Research Summer Fellowship program doing cancer research at and computational biology at CU Boulder, and with a start-up sustainable investing platform, developing programs for socially conscious portfolio generation. This Summer 2018 is Georgia’s first year working with Code for Humanity. Her interest in CFH stems from a desire to spread technology as a form of empowerment. Having recently learned many computer science and business-related skills in the past several years herself as an undergraduate, she is excited to share these tools to make an impact in a global setting.

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Daniel Gorelik, Lead Developer

Daniel Gorelik joined Code For Humanity in 2018 as the Lead Developer. Originally from Moscow, Russia, he has also lived in Boston, New York, and Southern California. Daniel has a BS in Computer Science & Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College. His experience also includes several Software Engineering internships at Google. In his free time, Daniel loves backpacking, rock climbing, and any other excuse to spend time outside!