Professional Training

Our professional training program connects us with local business and government representatives to help them advance their services that already exist.

Our trainings include courses in SEO, Photography for online advertising, Social media management, and Use of Mobile Apps such as Trip Advisor, Yelp and Google Maps.

Our eBook provides step by step instructions that correspond to our courses and is written in English, French and Sakalava Malagasy for distribution to local businesses.

Other services that we provide include registering local businesses on websites and applications frequently used by tourists.



Evening Training

Our evening training is designed for local students and working professionals eager to develop their technical skills after the workday has ended. Students in our evening class come from a range of backgrounds with technology; while some want to learn to host a site they've already created, others are just becoming familiar with the layout of a keyboard. Students range in age from 15 - 40+ and some even bring their young children to class along with them.

While course content varies each year based on responses to the course interest form, our core curriculum typically includes: file system navigation on Windows OS, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap templates, Wordpress and Introduction to Electronics with Arduino.