"Our students were so dedicated that I was always motivated to put as much as I could into the class."

-Andrew, Volunteer

Learning to use the internet conveys the sense that anything is possible. That the world is not so unfathomably huge after all, if it can fit here on this computer screen. That having a medium to share our ideas and our dreams proves they might be worth listening to.
— CFH Graduate
Over 75% of the Malagasy population lives under the poverty line.
— Worldbank Data
The creation of websites is very important in the lives of young people in the community and in community life.

It’s a way to present ourselves to the world. So it’s to know ourselves and to know others, too. It’s for sharing.
— Elias, CFH Graduate and Professor
When they become teens, young people in Nosy Be don’t have much to do in their free time, other than drugs or alcohol.
— CFH Graduate
Websites and webmasters are very sought after right now. And if we already have an idea for a site we want it’s good if we can do our own web work.
— CFH Student
I think it’s very important to learn web development to become more connected to the world... and it’s fun too! And then you can speak another language that no people know!
— Manuela, CFH Graduate